Travelling from Rome to Venice

Italy has very good transport links which makes a Rome and Venice twin centre holiday very easy despite the cities being over 500 km apart. Getting from Rome to Venice can be done by plane of course. There are daily scheduled flights between the two cities. However a more affordable and fun way is to use a high speed Eurostar train. With speeds in access of 250 km/h the high speed trains from Rome to Venice can make for a fantastic experience. Also the train method is very much the scenic way to travel, on the route from Rome to Venice you are able to see much of the Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany, Emillia-Romagnana and Veneto countryside. are official retailers of Italian Rail tickets so booking a Rome and Venice twin-centre holiday with us comes with official train tickets included. Of course if you would prefer to fly that's fine too. Or indeed the 6 hours car journey might be your preference, but this option is the most pricey of the three and probably the most uncomfortable.

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