Spiritual journeys through Rome

Pope Francis recently said “Man is a viator and life itself is a pilgrimage” and there is no better place to explore on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage than Rome, the capital of Italy and home to Vatican City.

To celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy, Metro City Special Projects of the City of Rome have launched several outdoor walks through the historic city that allow spiritual tourists to discover hidden churches, abbeys, monasteries and chapels that are important to their faith. There are three main routes, which cover the metropolitan area of Rome, and they make for exceptionally pretty walks even if you are not a Christian.

The first route is The Way of the North Francigena, which once brought pilgrims from Canterbury to the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul, and there is also The Way of South Via Francigena, which once connected Rome to the Holy Land through Via Appia and Via Prenestina. The third and final walk has been named The River Tiber to the Aniene Holy Valley and connects the places that have significance to Benedictine and Franciscan movements.

Even the metropolitan area of Rome, between the left bank of the Tiber and Aniene Valley, is characterized by numerous, important places of faith, such as Vicovaro, with the hermitage of San Benedetto overlooking Aniene, and Subiaco, which is dominated by the 11th century abbey fortress that was the birthplace of Lucrezia Borgia.

Whether you want to visit Rome for religious reasons or you simply want to enjoy Italian culture and the history of the Roman Empire, the capital of Italy is a delight to discover and these walks give visitors the opportunity to explore the parts of the city that are less frequented and yet still stunningly beautiful.

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